Income Tax Report

According to the Notice to the Market published on February 28, 2023, during 2023 the bookkeeping service was transferred from Banco Bradesco S.A. (“Former Bookkeeper”) to BTG Pactual Serviços Financieros S.A. DTVM (“New Bookkeeper”) in March 13, 2023. In this context, shareholders who maintained a position in the Company throughout the year must receive two Income Tax Report, corresponding to the period before and after the transfer of the bookkeeping service, respectively.
Below are further guidelines and important information for accessing Income Tax Reports:


I. BTG Pactual Serviços Financeiros S.A. DTVM: Income tax reports will be made available, exclusively digitally, through the Investor Portal. For investors who do not yet have access to the platform, this can be requested through the “First access?” available on the Portal home screen, following the step-by-step instructions described in the manual.
If you have any questions, shareholders can contact the institution via email:


II. Banco Bradesco S.A.: to obtain the Income tax report for the period prior to March 13, 2023, the shareholder must contact the Former Bookkeeper through the following procedure:
Shareholders who hold shares in LPS Brasil (B3: LPSB3) will be able to access their earnings report on the Digital Documents Portal – PDD. On this platform, investors can view, print and download documents digitally. Therefore:

• The shareholder must register on the Portal and click on “Primeiro Acesso”.
• Enter your CPF and date of birth. For Corporate shareholders, enter the CNPJ and the date of foundation;
• To verify your identity, choose one of the options: phone number or email;
• Enter the code you received in the option selected above and create your password;
• The access is created. Enter with CPF or CNPJ and the registered password.

Investors who are Bradesco account holders will be able to consult and issue the Income Report directly through Internet Banking > “Investimentos” > “Consultas”. Under Book-entry Assets, select the option “Consulta Informe de Rendimentos – 2ª via”.


LPS Brasil paid dividends in the 2023 fiscal year, however if you were not contemplated with such dividends (which were due only to shareholders who had a shareholding position on 04/28/2023, as per the Notice to Shareholders), the bank may not issue a report, and investors must verify their shareholding position with their brokerage firm.

If there are any other questions, the Investor Relations area is available via Fale com RI or directly via e-mail