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The world is increasingly digital. Looking to the future requires the construction of a plan aligned with new technologies and the use of the digital to optimize the performance of all audiences involved in the operation, modernizing the end consumer experience. With this, the Lopes Labs initiative was born, which through digital empowerment seeks the ideal meeting between client, property and broker.

Lopes Labs

In October 2019, Lopes Labs was created. It is the digitization and innovation project formed by a team of 120 employees specializing in Innovation, Information Technology, Planning and Marketing, who act as a connected intelligence network across the country.

To make this digital project viable, Lopes carried out a Follow on at B3, which resulted in a funding of R$ 147 million.


Lopes’ digital transformation culminated in its repositioning to adapt the brand to the new moment. The new visual identity is based on the main purpose of helping people to conquer their place, thus providing ideal encounters. The redesign of the symbol, which is now more friendly and contemporary, refers to two people or two hearts coming together to make a transaction. In the logo, the combination of upper and lower case letters brings proximity and lightness, as well as the new shade of red, for a more modern and easy-to-apply monochromatic brand.



Lopes’s new website

Alongside leading professionals in the market, Lopes Labs invested in technology to develop a more modern, intuitive portal that offers the best experience for the customer in their purchase, sale or rental journey. Navigation on Lopes’ new website is much easier to help more and more people conquer their place, and above all, achieve the dream of the ideal home.



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Lopes Evaluates Index

A complete study on real estate market pricing, developed from the analysis of data from more than 105 thousand advertisements, more than 5 thousand sales transactions of ready-made residential properties brokered by Lopes and in more than 110 value zones in the city of São Paulo .

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