Who we are

LPS Brasil provides brokerage services in the primary market (launches) and secondary (resale of previously owned real estate), and in the promotion of mortgage financing through CrediPronto, joint venture with Banco Itaú created in December, 2007.

Its subsidiary Lopes Consultoria Imobiliária, with more than 85 years of experience, and the companies acquired in the past few years, provide brokerage services to real estate developers and real estate consumers, in the high, medium and lower-income markets.

To real estate developers, the Company offers real estate intermediation services with a greater focus on residential developments, including assisting in identifying land and new development opportunities, the planning and creation of real estate projects and the definition of marketing strategies for those developments.

To end consumers, the Company offers real estate intermediation services in launches, which consist of financial and contractual advice for acquiring properties. In the third-party real estate intermediation market (the secondary market), the Company offers real estate intermediation services to buyers and sellers through its stores and online platform. In addition, the Company has a real estate credit operation for the final consumer, CrediPronto, a joint venture with Itaú bank. This creates a one-stop-shop service structure for end consumers who want to conquer their place.

We are present in all the 26 States and the Federal District in every real estate income segment.

Lopes’ primary source of income is the brokerage fees from the sales of new real estate developments and the brokerage of previously-owned real estate. Brokerage fees are calculated as a percentage of the sales price and are generally paid by the purchaser-client. In the case of new real estate developments, the Company may also be entitled to receive performance bonuses from its developer-clients, which are paid by developer-clients.

In addition, the Company receives royalty payments, paid based on the sales productivity of Rede Lopes members. This revenue has been growing significantly from a percentage point of view, and the Company has an important focus on geographic expansion through this business model.

Another source of revenue that the Company has is the revenue from CrediPronto’s operations. In December 2007, we made a joint venture with Banco Itaú to establish Olímpia Promoção e Serviços S.A. (“CrediPronto”), in which we, through our subsidiary For You – Assessoria Técnica e Documental Ltda. and Banco Itaú each one holds a 50% interest, and whose objective is promoting mortgage financing.

Social Responsibility

Lopes has invested for more than fifteen years in social projects for deprived children. The Company’s investment is intended both to build physical spaces to host the institutions in charge of such projects and to, among other things, contract and pay professors, physicians, dentists and psychologists-teachers.

The Company currently helps Lar Jesus Maria José, in the neighborhood of Jardim Taboão, in the city of São Paulo. Dedicated to the age group of 7 to 13, it has the objective of guiding the personal development of the children and organizing the spaces they share with their fellows, as well as integrating them into society with sports, cultural and recreational tasks and activities.