Rede Lopes

Benchmark in the market, Rede Lopes is Lopes’ real estate network, which currently has 17 own stores and 183 franchises. These stores are part of the the largest real estate franchise in Latin America and since 2019 is  member of ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association), the the second largest franchising association in the world. Always looking to offer franchisees unique business opportunities, with the greatest attractiveness and capillarity in the real estate market.

Rede Lopes offers its members several options for generating value and sales growth potential within the market in which they operate. The benefits are diverse, involving the use of the Lopes brand, use of the Company’s business intelligence platform (Lopesnet), scalability in marketing campaigns (sales and institutional), potential for generating network business (in partnerships with other members of the Rede Lopes), advertisements on the Lopes portal, agility and efficiency in the real estate financing process, among others. Helping people to conquer their place is what drives Rede Lopes, in search of complete solutions to create the best possible experience for customers.


Our numbers


stores in Brazil

13.4 thousand


300 thousand


R$ 11 billion

GSV negotiated in 2023

Rede Lopes Growth

Rede Lopes has been growing at an accelerated pace since 2020, the result of a brand focused on the future and innovation. You can find a Lopes store in the 26 states, in addition to the Federal District.

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