CrediPronto is a joint venture born from the union between the main player in the real estate market and the largest financial institution in the country, with the objective of strengthening the Brazilian real estate credit sector. Helping people to have a unique and innovative experience with financial and real estate solutions towards achieving their dreams is the main objective of this initiative, which creates a 100% digital customer service mat, maintaining Lopes’ DNA of enchanting the customer during the entire property purchase process, with the highest level of efficiency and highly personalized service.

Since its creation, CrediPronto has constantly increased its market share, with credit origination levels comparable to those of the largest financial institutions in the country.

Lopes and Itaú created the first and largest pure real estate financing company in Brazil


  • Unique customer database in the Brazilian market
  • Integrated and consistent operation with the intermediation process, including an incentive-based compensation plan
  • Lopes media exposure
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Competitive financing terms and conditions
  • Processing validity and quality
  • Experience in credit analysis
  • Successful track record in financing and joint ventures
Leading position in the respective market Management excellence High value brands


Strengthening mortgage origination and other related services.




Benefits of secured credit

  • Get out of debt immediately
  • Cover unexpected expenses
  • Open or invest in a business

Benefits of real estate financing

  • Get out of rent
  • Realize the dream of your own property
  • Buy a commercial property